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Like many of you out there, I’ve had to start doing my job from home.

I recently started a new job working from home. Working as a full-time tech writer, I thought it wouldn't be a problem at all. But some of my friends aren't so fortunate.

The real problem for me was my WiFi network. It’s always had problems, but I never really noticed just how bad it could get until I started working from home.

Certain rooms, like our living room, get great reception. The WiFi works perfectly.

But now that I’ve had to set up a home office in a spare bedroom, I’ve noticed a TON of WiFi problems! The WiFi signal in my makeshift bedroom office constantly drops out. And when it is working, I get speeds way below what we get in our living room.

Weak WiFi Makes Working from Home Impossible!

As I said earlier, the first thing I did when I started working from home was to set up a makeshift office in our spare bedroom. But unfortunately, the WiFi reception was so poor that it made working there pretty much impossible.

My next idea was to try working from our kitchen table. It had plenty of places for me to put all the notes, writing drafts, and other materials I needed to reference to do my writing.

All was well and good… until my wife got home from her mother’s house. When she saw how I had taken over the kitchen… stacking notes and other supplies on our stove, sink, and dinner table… well, let’s just say she wasn’t exactly thrilled with my creation! She kicked me out the moment she saw the mess I made!

I eventually tried working from every other room in the house, but the WiFi reception was always weak and spotty. I’d start downloading some files from work and halfway through, I’d have to move to the living room just to get the files to finish downloading!

Worse yet, sometimes I’d miss getting my email entirely. Then I’d get a frantic phone call from work, asking me why I hadn’t responded yet. Let me tell you, it created a LOT of problems with my job!

Finally, I decided to give my internet service provider a call to see if they could help. Since my home WAS my office, I had no choice – I HAD to find some way to get a strong, steady WiFi signal in my home office!

My Internet Service Provider was No Help at All!

Let me get this right out of the way: dealing with my ISP was an absolute NIGHTMARE.

First of all, it took me forever just to get through to them. Whenever I’d call, I’d get a recorded message. It said “Due to the unusually high number of calls, your wait time will be longer than usual. Your call will be answered in approximately 45 minutes.”

Well, I waited on the phone. And you know what happened? After about 20 minutes on hold, my ISP just HUNG UP on me! I had to call them back and start all over again from the beginning!

When I finally did get through to them, they acted like the problem was my fault. Instead of providing me with a fix, they hit me with a barrage of technical questions.

“What do you mean you don’t know what kind of router you use?”
“How many gigs of data do you think your wife is going to use next month?”
“Are you using a variable or static IP address?”
“Are you using any kind of VPN service or IP blocker?”

I may be a tech writer, but these questions were just way out of my league! The kind of devices I write about are made for consumers – not internet networking engineers!

And to be completely honest with you, I wasn’t really comfortable inviting a stranger from my ISP to make a service call to my home.

So I decided I should call my co-worker, a guy named David, who also works from home. He authors a lot of articles about internet routers, modems, WiFi, and other networking issues. He’s a real expert on the subject.

I figured if anyone could help me, David was the guy!

An Easy Solution That SUPERCHARGES Your WiFi Signal!

David used to work for an internet service provider before he became a writer, and he really knows his way around when it comes to things like WiFi. So I gave him a call to ask him if he could help me fix my WiFi problems.

David told me there were a million things that can cause weak or poor WiFi reception, but one of the most common causes is a weak WiFi router. And as you might imagine, your ISP generally provides you with the cheapest, most low-powered router they can get away with!

David told me I should use a product called the TriFiBoost WiFi extender. It’s a simple, compact gadget that can fit in the palm of your hand – but what it can do for your WiFi reception is incredible.

“The WiFi in my home used to be borderline unusable,” David told me.

“I tried out everything,” David continued. “Some of the solutions I tried were cheap, and others were super expensive. But none of them were able to fix the problem like TriFiBoost did!”

“What’s so special about TriFiBoost?,” I asked.

“By plugging TriFiBoost into any wall outlet in your home, you can give the range of your WiFi network a massive boost,” David said. "The 3 directional antennas are super-powerful and you point them in whatever direction to get strong, reliable WiFi wherever you need it".

“It features THREE built-in antennas that can boost your WiFi range like you wouldn’t believe! I only use one TriFiBoost, and it gives me a strong, steady WiFi signal in EVERY room of the house!”

David told me that TriFiBoost can extend the range of even the weakest WiFi router, allowing you to send a powerful signal to every room in your house – even ones that are upstairs!

David told me he was 100% certain that TriFiBoost would fix my WiFi problem. He really knows his stuff, so I decided to give TriFiBoost a try.

Give Your WiFi Network a SUPER Boost!

David was actually a little apologetic.

He told me that under normal circumstances, he would bring his own TriFiBoost over to my home to demonstrate it to me – but because he was about to start a critical project tasked to him by the CEO himself, we both decided that it would be better to at least wait until he had finished.

I checked out the TriFiBoost online. But even with such a stellar product recommendation coming from David, I still wasn’t exactly thrilled about ordering a product without being able to try it out first.

But then I noticed that the people who make TriFiBoost are so sure of their product that they offer a full 30-day 100% money-back guarantee! Knowing that I wasn’t risking anything by ordering made me a lot more confident, so I placed an online order right away.

A few days later, my TriFiBoost package arrived in the mail. I read the instructions (thankfully, they were easy to understand), and plugged the TriFiBoost into a normal wall socket halfway between my modem and my new “home office”.

Would TriFiBoost fix my WiFi troubles once and for all? It was the moment of truth! So I went into my home office and tried logging onto the WiFi on my laptop…

TriFiBoost Instantly Fixes Even the WORST WiFi Problems!

Setting up TriFiBoost with my laptop was super easy. David told me I could call him on the phone if I ran into any problems, but thankfully I was able to set up everything on my own.

I knew something was different from the second I opened my laptop. It INSTANTLY connected to the WiFi network, without any delay at all. But what happened next is what really blew me away.

EVERYTHING on the WiFi was super-fast and steady. I was able to do whatever I liked – check my email, surf the web, even watch HD streaming video – WITHOUT any “connection errors”, slowdowns, or “failures to connect”!

I actually started jumping around like a kid in a toy store!

I couldn’t believe it! No matter what I threw at it, TriFiBoost delivered a fast, steady stream of data over my WiFi network. I even started streaming a movie on Netflix, and at full HD quality, too. It played perfectly, and with NO dropouts or disconnects.

As a tech writer, I review a LOT of new products. Let me tell you, it’s been a LONG time since I tested a product that’s worked as well as the TriFiBoost. It really DELIVERS what it promises, and at a price that’s so affordable that anyone can buy one!

Now I’m able to work from home without ANY problems from my WiFi network. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to work from home… heck, I was afraid I might lose my job if I couldn’t get my WiFi fixed.

Thank goodness for the TriFiBoost!

TriFiBoost fixed my WiFi problems, restored my sanity, and it might have even saved my job! If you suffer from WiFi problems when working from home, you NEED to get a TriFiBoost for yourself. It fixed ALL of my WiFi problems, once and for all!

UPDATE: I’m a few weeks in now, and my WiFi keeps performing like a champion! And recently, the people who make TriFiBoost are offering an incredible, reduced price, introductory offer! If your WiFi network could use a serious boost, I’d definitely recommend taking advantage of this offer before it disappears. You DON’T need to put up with WiFi that barely works now that TriFiBoost has arrived!


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